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Magento B2B Product Configurations and Customizations

Magento B2B product configurations and customization are easy to perform and can be done in minutes. With Magento's robust set of products, you can create simple, configurable, virtual, bundled, and grouped product types.  In B2B implementations, however, the customization needs to go a step further.  It needs to take specific options and attributes.  It sometimes needs to take these on a customer by customer basis.  That's a pretty specific feature to try to accomplish.  Lucky for us, Magento can do just that.

Magento B2B Product Configurations

I'm not going to go into the specifics on how to create configurable, bundled, and grouped products.  There are already plenty of excellent tutorials out there on how to do this.  I will say that one of the best Magento B2B product configurations is the bundled product option.  Often called "kits", these can be used to create configurations as robust as computers, custom tailored suits, cafeteria plans for insurance, and many more.

Here is a tutorial on Bundled Products.

Magento B2B Product Customization

Sometimes a general pre-configured option just won't cut it. When this happens, you can create a customized option.  This allows your user to specify individual options on a per order basis. This can be as simple as custom engraving for an award. Or a name tag sewn for a work shirt. It can also be as robust as specific dimensions for pipes, hardware, custom machined parts, boxes, and more. Magento makes it pretty easy.

To do this, you can set what are called Custom Options inside each product.  This allows the user to define custom instructions to the seller.

You can find the custom options on the product edit page in the admin at the bottom.

magento custom options tab

You can specify your custom options.  For a simple example, let's create a "Name" field for custom embroidery.

Click the Add New Option button.  Enter Name in the Title field.  Select input type Text->Field.  Specify sort order, price, sku (if desired), and max characters. Once finished, it should look like this:

custom options fields

Click the Save button.  Now your product will look like this on the front end:

custom options frontend

In a more robust example, let's have the user specify box dimensions.

We will setup a configurable product with box color and box material.  The user can specify box dimensions.  The custom options look like these:

magento b2b product configurations

Now, on the front-end, we have the ability to have them select pre-defined colors and box materials, but they can enter their own box dimensions.

complex custom options


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