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Magento B2B Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are a staple among B2B businesses.  Magento provides this functionality out of the box.  It is easy to setup and use.  With only a couple of button clicks in the configuration, you can start accepting Magento B2B purchase orders on your site.

Purchase Orders in Magento work by allowing a customer to give you a purchase order number in order to buy something from your store.  That number is associated to the order and you can cross-reference it to the PO number you have on file.  While there isn't more robust options such as creating a PO from within Magento itself, it does at least give you a ground work in which to build off of.

In Admin->System->Configuration->Sales->Payment Methods, there is a payment method called Purchase Orders.


When you expand the menu, you will see the options available.  It is not enabled by default so you will have to enable it on your side.


The Title is available to call it whatever you wish, (example: P.O. Net 30).

New Order Status allows anyone who makes a sale via purchase order will have their order placed in a special order status, including custom ones, (we'll get into that in another article).

Payment From Applicable Countries allows you to accept POs from only certain countries.

Payment from Specific Countries allows you to specify which countries you accept PO payment.  This is useful if you want more than one country, but not all of them.

Minimum Order Total and and Maximum Order Total just ooze with B2B flavor, don't they?  Basically, they allow you to specify at what threshold can you accept POs and what is the maximum you are willing to risk to accept a PO against.

Sort Order is just that, the order in which it is displayed to the user on the frontend.

Once you have your configuration options all setup, now you can accept POs on the front end of your site.  The option will look roughly like this:


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