Twentyten Advanced Headers

Now you can add custom headers to your categories with this brand new plugin.

This plugin requires the Twentyten theme.


Download on


  • Show custom headers for different categories on your site.
  • Show on category and single posts.
  • Still keep your main header for other posts/pages.


Simply activate the plugin, add your image URLs to the Adv. Headers page under the Appearance menu, click save and you are done!


No active development at this current time.  You can find this project on until the two year deprecation, in which time, it will be removed.

26 thoughts on “Twentyten Advanced Headers

  1. I love what this plugin is supposed to do – but, does it support .gif files or any extensions other than .jpg? I’m not having any luck with an animated .gif.

    • Oops, ignore that…the animated gif works just fine. It was my fault. I hadn’t set the category correctly on the page I was testing. Now, I have a really simple solution for selling rotating banner space and for creating a dynamic header for my home page – YAY!!

  2. Ryan

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I am using the twentyten theme. I’ve experimented a bit more and I think I know what is happening. My posts belong to more than one category. The advanced headers seems to choose the image corresponding to the first category of the first post that appears on that page. I did not expect it to work like that. I expected it to use the image of the category selected in the menu.

  3. Ryan

    Your twentyten advanced headers fits my needs perfectly.

    I have about 10 “category pages” (pages that present a specific category of posts using the menu facility in twentyten). I wanted a different header for each. So your plugin was perfect. But when I installed and tried it out, I hit a snag. Let me explain.

    I installed and activated using the plugin admin. That seemed to work fine. Then I added a URL to 2 of my categories just to test it out and it worked fine on those pages. But I noticed that it was causing unexpected results on other category pages. In particular, the image I had used on one category appeared on the next category where I had left the URL blank. I also found that a number of the other blank category pages no longer had any header image at all.

    So I tried specifying the default header as a URL for all the other categories (to make sure I had no blank categories). That fixed the problem of missing and wrong header but now it no longer shows new header image on the two categories I had changed. It just reverted to the default.

    I do have other non-category pages where I have specified a “feature image” and they are still working fine. It is just the “category pages” that aren’t working as hoped.

    I’m on a server running WP 3.3.1. My twentyten theme has very few tweaks (one tiny change to the CSS and two small changes to PHP to change text labels).

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    • You are using the twentyten theme? I have not tested it against the twentyeleven theme. I haven’t checked against 3.3.1 yet. I will see about doing some checks and find out if I can see any problems.

      Sorry it’s not working for you :(

  4. Hi Ryan!

    i’m trying to resize the advanced header for 500×300 and i had try various ways to achieve this goal but none seems to work … i believe you know how to!



    • Right now the theme twentyten only allows for headers that are 940×198. If you try to alter it, it won’t register quite right. You might have to do some fine grain manipulation of the plugin in order to achieve this. Also, if you are not using the twentyten theme, it won’t work properly with the plugin.

  5. I am using Weaver theme with Dynamic Header for pages but need plugin for custom headers for different categories. Does your advanced headers plugin work with Weaver theme? If not do you have a solution with step by step information…I am not php expert? Also if does not work with Weaver theme, when will plugin be available for Weaver?

  6. Thanks for the reply, Ryan. When you say your plugin does do that, do you mean that your plugin will handle headers on pages as well as posts? And would we need to uninstall the other header plugin before installing your plugin?

    • It does not handle pages yet. That is in an upcoming release. I don’t believe it will work with your other plugin. Try it out and give it a shot.

  7. Hi Ryan,

    Cool plugin, thanks! We’ve been challenged with this problem for several months and your plugin seems to be the solution.

    However, we are using another plugin for page headers called “Dynamic Headers” from Nicasio Design (

    The only problem with the Dynamic Headers plugin is that we have to manually change the header for each post in a category with a Dynamic Headers dropdown. We’d like to set the same header for all posts in each category. Does your plugin do that?

    The Dynamic Headers plugin instructed us to insert a template tag in our theme file like this:

    Any idea if these two plugins will play nice together?


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    • Are you using twenty ten and the original header usage setup? This header plugin is meant for the default twentyten theme. I have not yet tested it on Child themes. It also does not work on other themes other than twentyten.

  9. Hi Ryan, I’d like to use your plugin, but activating it results in the following error. Please advise. Thanks, Gary

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /home/content/j/i/m/jimwin/html/wp-content/plugins/twentyten-advanced-headers/twentyten-advanced-header.php on line 20

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